premixing two stroke oil

premixing two stroke oil

This is a step-by-step guide for premixing your 2-stroke oil for your mini moto.

Step 1 - First you need to get a certified petrol container* to store the petrol you will use in. You will also need to buy 2-stroke oil to mix with the petrol for your mini moto bike.

Step 2 - You will now need to find out the amount oil: petrol ratio that your bike uses. In my case it is 25:1 so I will use this figure for this guide.

Step 3 - You will need a measuring cylinder to measure the 2-stroke oil with.

Step 4 - You now need to work out the amount of 2-stroke oil you will need to use. If I am going to buy 5 litres of petrol I will need 100ml of 2-stroke oil. You will need to measure this amount out in the measuring cylinder.

Step 5 - Now you have measured this amount out you need to pour it into the petrol container.

Step 6 - Now you need to pour 5 litres exactly of petrol into the container.

step 7 - You will now need to thoroughly shake the container for 2-3 minutes to ensure all the oil and petrol is well mixed.

step 8 - You can now pour the petrol into your mini moto bike.

Make sure that the container you use is clean and has no petrol already in it. This will ensure that the petrol you use is clean and the right mixture, you do not want to be putiing petrol in your mini moto which is months old.

premixing two stroke oil


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