Midi Motos

Midi Motos

Midi motos are larger versions of mini motos but normally have the same size engines as the smaller vehicles. However, there are more options with midi motos in terms of engine size and gearboxes.

Some midi motos have engines as powerful as 200cc, but the majority are more tame with 100cc and 125cc models being the most common. One important difference fromMidi Moto - the (slightly) bigger brotherMidi Moto - the (slightly) bigger brother a mini moto is that the midi has a manual gearbox, making the riding experience closer to a larger bike. Most junior riders start out on a mini motos before graduating to the slightly larger and more technical midi moto.

We've dedicated this entire selection solely to providing midi moto information including places to buy the vehicles, where you can order parts, where you can race, as well as much, much more.

Midi Motos


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