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A mini moto atv are mini moto all terrain vehicles, these are basically mini motos with a different frame which allows them to have 4 wheels rather then the usual 2 which a mini moto has. This is better for those of us who are less stable on 2 wheels!

Although these are called all terrain vehicles i doubt they'd actually be able to manage any major off road action! they would be ok on grass and maybe powerful enough for a small slope but nothing like what its larger friends could do. Still they are great fun and able to give a good ride.

These mini moto atv's are capable of up to 40mph and even more if tuned properly. This means that again they are no toy, maybe slightly slower then its 2 wheel predecessors due to the extra weight and friction with the floor but still powerful enough to give you a great ride.

This section will provide information about where  you can buy a mini moto atv and details of the vehicles which can be bought. A very useful section for those enthusiasts who want something a little bit different.

minimoto atv | ATVs

This page will be filled with minimoto atv, it will have details of where these can be purchased and also information about these little atv's.

ATV accident | ATVs

A man from Shawnigan Lake is now recovering in Cowichan District Hospital after riding his ATV off a cliff at Burnt Bridge.
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mini moto atvs


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